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thanks to my buddy Scott Allison, I’ve been diving into the Deftones discography. i’ve only owned ‘white pony’ andi always loved that album. i’ve really liked anything i’ve heard from the deftones.

but listening to ‘adrenaline’ and ‘around the fur’ and all of their older stuff i’m really beginning to figure something out. first off, i kind of regret not giving them a listen back between 1995 and 2000. and secondly, i’m really getting to understand why so many bands today sound the way they do. it sounds like the deftones have influences everyone under the sun when it comes to nu metal bands. the deftones are so amazing. they’re one of the few bands that have stayed original and true to their style of having no style to begin with. listening to ‘adrenaline’ gives you a clear idea of what they will end up sounding like. maybe i’m making a big deal out of nothing, but i’ve been blown away from taking in the deftones discography over the last few days.

and yeah, i know i’m really behind the train on this one. i guess i always liked what i heard but never ventured into buying albums. so, if you’re a deftones fan, throw up your horns! and if not, but you like heavy music, youtube that shit right now!


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the deftones started most of what you hear on “modern rock radio”…i’ll try not to hold it against them! ha! these guys are original wrapper, no guff.

Comment by corrado

If you haven’t purchased their new album Diamond Eyes, I would highly recommend it.

Comment by jkrenselewski

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