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a day at the park
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we took Keshav to the park yesterday. it wasn’t his first time there, Kavita took him there about a week ago. but it was so surreal to be there, pushing little guy on the swing. it was my first time being in the park surrounded by all of those playing children, with me being a father. I’ve been there as a big brother, as an uncle and as a friend, but never as a father. the entire sequence of events (even the breeze) felt different. it dawned on me that I am going to be spending a lot of time in parks with him over the years. I even wondered if I will be able to go down spiral-slides with him, LOL. of course, he fits in one of those baby swings, hardly filling it at all. he either leans all the way back in it or is all forward. he just sits there and smiles with his open mouth with the wind kicking his long hair back. he loves it, those simple pleasures.

thinking of these moments I begin to realize how much of a breath-taking life filled with wondrous moments like these I have to look forward to. it’s not going to be easy, being a provider never is. but I look forward it a thousand fold. the laughter of children should be interludes on every radio station across the world, it should be spliced into elevator music and played through department stores. I think it would keep people in better spirits…better spirits than Frank Sinatra can anyway. and Keshav is just awesome, such a little man already. I can’t wait to see his personality start to grow and grow…I already see it coming out


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