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when victims become oppressors
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God gave us phalanges…so we point fingers. As humans we always find ways to feel like we are better than people, or a single person for that matter. Social hierarchies have always existed; you’ve got machismos, gangsters, jocks, nerds, gamers, loners, rockers, musicians, etc. Whatever there is, there is a feeling of superiority. It’s human nature to want to feel special and/or powerful. We wanna feel like we have influence. I mean, there are a few of us who just kinda sit back and watch. I’m not gonna lie, I have my moments where I find myself talking shit about someone or their lifestyle and it’s completely unprovoked. I don’t mean it in a harmful way, but it just comes out. And I may not necessarily want it to; sometimes I cringe at the sound of it coming out of my mouth. Although I don’t mean to do harm, I know if my words were heard, they would hurt.

And this whole idea ties into the martyrdom complex, please allow me to try to illustrate the path here. For simple analogies, let’s start with jocks & juiceheads. They prey on the little people. The tepid ladies & gentlemen who hunch their shoulders and drape their heads when they walk; The ones who don’t start hollering for people they know when they walk into a room full of people, because they don’t feel comfortable in their own skin and would rather blend in than stand out. The jocks push these tepid ladies & gentlemen into corners and it pisses them off, quietly. And they can’t fire back. So they harbor resentment towards their oppressors. After a while they become these extremely angry, tepid not-so-gentle-men & women. And as the juiceheads continue to push them into the corners to make themselves feel better, the tepid ones suddenly amass into a mob of lonely misfits. Lonely misfits who have harbored enough resentment to make a marina and house jet-skis. Then, slowly, they become the very things they despise.


They start to look at anyone they see as being happy as a threat, as the problem with the world. And that unsuspecting, happy, smiling face (who is simply enjoying their life) becomes a target of scrutiny. People who are just trying to live their lives and find happiness and maybe create some inspiration for a greater good, become bad people in their eyes. Because to the once tepid ladies & gentlemen, anyone who possesses the happiness they cannot attain, becomes what’s wrong with the world. They become the reason they are the way they are (the angry, tepid ones). So they martyr themselves. They become these royal victims who have committed some kind of non-existent jihad, laying themselves at the mercy of the gavel & pendulum in the name of being “true” and “real” and not selling out. They become walking zombies condemning people who are just trying to live their lives.

We gotta be careful people. We gotta try and learn from our bullshit. Before you know it, you snap your fingers, and the victims become the oppressors. Then they create more victims, and every time the cycle re-starts it becomes more volatile. This happens on much bigger scales and with much, much bigger issues. Oppressors do not see the error of their ways, and their victims only see errors that are not their own…they only feel the unjust pain. And in-turn want to inflict the same pain on another to right the universal wrong. Nobody takes time to explore the truth with why these things exist, so the major majority of people buy into the bullshit. And the victims turn around and make strangers their victims, and the “lesser” becomes the oppressor. Why? Because they wanna know what it feels like to stand over someone.

That’s why you have social outcasts call people who group together (who aren’t too socially successful themselves) hipsters. We should be able to praise people who create their own scene, instead of turning the screwdriver one more time and creating another fairy-tale of social pariahs. As a people, we will only move forward when we stop wanting to get even. Last week I was driving and I cut off a taxi real bad (on purpose). When my wife asked me why I did that, I explained to her that taxi-drivers deserve it because of how they drive. She looked at me and told me I was really not helping the situation, that I was actually making it worse by wanting to get even. All I could do was look at her…and tell her she was right. I had become the opressor.


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