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looking into the future
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I’ve had a lot of things going through my mind this year. I’ve had so many ideas and intentions over the last couple of years. I’ve had projects fall by the wayside and other get started but never finished. I’ve even had some where I felt like it was out of my league. That’s the worst thing an artist with ambition can ever do is put him/herself down and not believe that it’s possible to achieve those dreams. The hard part of it is really to map it out and make it happen. Because ideas are just ideas and when you start to try to give that idea veins and blood and bones and life…the shit gets real.

 I turn 29 years old in 6 days and I’m approaching a more focused phase of my life, I can feel it. I am beginning to see things a little more clearly than I ever did before. I’m getting my life right day by day, the personal end, the spiritual end, the family and the artistry. I want to live my art. I want my son to look at me and know that if you have a God-given talent and you have that desire and that passion then nothing in the world can stop you from achieving your dreams. The only person that can ever stop you is yourself…and I have had enough of holding myself back.

 I have a lot of projects that are going to be on their way, one way or the other I am going to get them completed and finished. One by one they will happen. Before, I used to focus on the aftermath more than the project, but I’m about ready to stop making excuses. If there is anyone out there who has stood in my corner and waited to see what I can create, I wanted to thank you for standing by me. Thank you for believing me. My wife first and foremost, I owe that beautiful woman everything that I am today and will be tomorrow. She has watched me tear myself to shreds and she has helped me rebuild myself from the ground up. I’m looking into tomorrow and the endless possibilities. The fact is, I’m tired of bitching about things. If things are going to change, then I will make them change.

 So, thank you for sticking around. I hope I can manage to keep your attention and earn your respect if you’re reading this. God bless.