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My First Book….3 Years Later
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3 years ago I did something I’d always wanted to do; I published a book. I had been writing for a few years and lost a journal or two. I’d taken a Creative Writing course and an Intro to Short Story course at Broward Community College in South Florida. Way before then I had written on and off, it was always a way for me to make sense out of things. I’ve since lost all of my poems from the ’95 – ’99 era.

But my writing went through a lot of phases and growth over the years. My English courses at the same college really helped me to understand my own style and where I wanted to go. It’s a funny thing that I hardly even read books. My mind wanders too much and sometimes I just can’t quiet myself enough to sit down and read a good book. I’d always wanted to immortalize my words in a book.

There is something extremely definitive about publishing one’s work. I spent all this time pooling together what I thought to be my best collection of poetry and prose from throughout the years. I wanted each piece to define something for me and of me, and it did. But I spent so much time with the layout and the formatting and editing that when I got my first shipment it didn’t seem real, not at all. But one day I looked at my bookshelf and saw an array of books by authors from around the world, all pressed into one another. They were all different and they were all unique. I thought about the process of using a single finger to pull out something so precious to a writer. It was then that I saw my book sandwiched between them, and I thought about the copies of my book in Hawaii, Trinidad, Florida, UK, California, New Jersey and North Carolina and it blew my mind. In ‘Lady In The Water,’ there is a water nymph that tells a story to an aspiring author about how a boy will grow up with a book on the shelf in his living room. The author will have long been dead (3 generations old), but that boy will one way pick up the book and it will shape his way of thinking and he will change the world. Isn’t that ever author’s dream? Not to change the world, but to reach future generations. To leave a fingerprint out there and to have your pulse echoeing through the wristwatches of time.

So yeah, I’m super proud of this book. I downplayed it for a very long time. Every book I release will be yet another fingerprint that I leave out there. But this is the first one. So it means to much to me. If you have it already, thank you so much. If not, grab a copy. You can put it on your Kindle or iPad or iPod or whatever “smart” device you use to read books. I can only hope that when you read, and your alone, that somehow what I left in those pages will find a way to resonate with you…or anyone for that matter.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


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