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…some reflecting.
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If I could write myself something like an epitaph I would make it sound like the sound of my son’s laughter and my wife’s breathing. If I could carve my name into the engraved riverbeds of slabs of marble I would use my teeth to make my marks.

I would take the stars, the full moon and the entire night sky and stretch it as if it were a canvass across the length of my back. So that I may wear the darkness I enjoy bathing in so much like garments of skin. I would swallow the sun and paint my collarbone the color of the bluest sky known to man or woman. And I would open my palms to the universe in an attempt to capture the essence of the Creator so that I may hope to leave traces of the Good Lord in every mundane task I undertake.

But do not consider me a prophet. I am but a man, a man with flaws who only tries to be a good human being. I try to live according to the laws of the universe and I try to keep my ego confined to a whisper. So I avoid the term “poet” because I associate it with ego. And I don’t even know if that’s right or not. I just know that I don’t like titles. So call me a person instead. Call me human. Because I wear no armor, I am riddled with flaw, I am vulnerable and too open….so I close all of you off to protect my insecure center. Call me what you deem me worthy of. A walking contraction at times, a fortress of conviction in others. But remember that I bleed in a way that is not condusive to bruising. It floods me into corners of isolation and if I could pull the blackness of night upon me as if it were a blanket, I would.

But I arise entangled in covers of the arms of my love every morning and she is the sunshine that shatters the quilts of jilted darkness. I awake to a boy who loves me the way tree loves the Spring. So I thank the Most High everyday for planting reasons right under my nose, reasons that have taken root in the deepest recesses of my heart, reasons to see that life is too beautiful to live in the dark.