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Day 3/Poem 3 – NaPoWriMo
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Let Me In


Grant me entry into the Fortress of Solitude.

My blood will tell you that I

have something more to offer

than punching clocks and keyboards.

My body can show you that

I was made for this.


I’ve never been one to

hang my hat on superheroes.

But I can believe in the impossible

just like the nation of dreamers out there.

The nation of sleepers waiting for a savior.


I watch people shuffle like ants

shouldering their burdens

like boulders of dirt

and I feel askew.


In the mornings, I rise.

When I sit at the edge of my bed,

eyes half closed, body still warm,

I feel like there is a light

inside of my chest.

I feel like I am not from this world.

An outside presence blending in so well

you never noticed me.

I feel like I was destined for greatness.


So grant me passage

into the Fortress of Solitude.

There is a savior in my skin

waiting for someone to call upon.

There is a Mighty Mouse

between my collar bones

waiting to carry the weight of the world.


I can do all of these things

if only I allowed myself

a single moment of grandeur.

If I didn’t enjoy relishing

in the placid, acrid and putrid

waters of self-loathing,

of second best,

of thinking that I

don’t deserve what

every searching soul needs.



I’ve been trying to find

a way out of this cycle,

and I can save myself

if you let me in, I promise.

The rest of the planet is next,

I swear to you.

I have it in me to be selfless.


I will not neglect the ones in need.

I will not get lost while chasing Lois.

I will not forget who I am.

I will always be Clark,

humble and soft-spoken.

I will never let the Metropolis

wash away the values of Smallville.


Let me in. It’s where I belong.

I was meant for more than this daily grind.

The world needs a savior

and the moment I rescue myself

I know I have it in me.


So let me in before I kick in the door

and tear down the walls.

The crystals may shatter

and shear my veins but that is okay.

They will purify my blood and

you can see that I was made for this.

That my heart is a fist

and my spirit is a beacon.


The moment I believe in myself.

In all of these things,

they will instantly ring true.

And you will not have to let me in,

I will not have to break any walls.

The doorway to that fortress

In that blissful solitude will

open itself for the one

who was destined to be within it.

I will walk in and I will be home,

you will see.


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