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Day 4/Poem 4 – NaPoWriMo
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I was once told,

you have to believe

in things you cannot see

in order to survive

in this world.


That sometimes

you have to know

that falling will not

break you.


You have to believe

in someone, in something.


I was at a seminar once.

They had me stand on a chair

and envision myself on

the edge of the grand canyon.

The sun blazing hot.

The wind whipping at my face.

Not a single cloud in the sky.


My classmates were

standing behind me.

With my eyes closed,

he told me to imagine

I had become as light

as a piece of paper.


So the wind would

carry me away.

To let myself fall backwards.

To believe they

would catch me.

To have faith.


So I tipped over

like a timbering tree

slowly making the plunge

towards earth.

Everything felt like slow motion.

The breeze captured my hair

and caressed my ears.

My feet lost contact with the chair.


I felt sixteen hands

catch me in mid air.

I gave them my complete trust,

I had faith in the moment.


Not everyone was

able to complete that exercise.

Not everyone was able to have faith.

I chose to let go of the fear and surrender.

It was exhilarating.


Sometimes, life can be

the exact same way.

The journey may have a broken road

and you have to fall

in order to continue.

You have to know that

there is solid ground to catch you.


Having faith in something

will carry you home.

It does not have to be

a holy figure.

It does not have to be

about religion.

Have faith in your family,

in your friends.

Most importantly

have faith in yourself.


That you will be able to

overcome anything.

Just have a little faith.


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