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Day 5/Poem 5 – NaPoWriMo
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We Danced


It was raining.

We were without care.

The day was winding

without a particular direction.

We stood in the doorway

nd you looked at me and asked

if I wanted to go for a walk.


I stated the obvious,

but it’s raining.

With your carefree smile

you spoke without words,

So, we’ll only get wet.


So we ran into raindrops

the size of grapes.

Your hand in mine.

Our clothes sticking to our skin

and a thousand sentiments

of untold love.


We spun, we ran and

we laughed until our bodies

warmed with mirth.

We did anything but walk.

We danced on the inside.

Pirouettes and cha-chas

and The Waltz.


In the most rudimentary of steps.

We were young and in love,

and we danced.


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