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Day 6/Poem 6 NaPoWriMo
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Well, it’s day 6 for my National Poetry Month 30/30 challenge and, I gotta say, it is a lot harder to write poems during the weekend. I have been using some daily prompts that my poet pal Cathy Petch has been putting out there on days when I need a boost. But it looks like she didn’t post a prompt today. So I decided to write a small set of haikus about what I did today. Well, I did more than gardening, but I did spend a few hours with my hands in the dirt today. So here are a few haikus for my 6/30 contribution. I haven’t written a haiku in atleast 10years, so I hope they don’t suck too bad 🙂 Feedback would be welcome…


The soil on my hands.

The earth between my fingers.

Garden Is solace.


I pull out the roots

and nurture the living things,

make room for new life.


Hostas and hucras,

Marigolds, mums and top soil.

Plant me a garden.


Two handfuls of dirt.

He throws it into the street,

says with glee “dirt ROAD!”




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