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Day 8/Poem 8 – NaPoWriMo
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Break the Spell


If I could cast a spell

on the entire world,

I would have everyone believe

that we are all equal.

No matter the age,

race, social status or sex.


The less we think

we have in common,

the more problems

we create amongst ourselves.


We are all stuck

in this hamster wheel.

We spin and we spin.

Some days are

harder than others.

Some days I would

love to collapse on my

bed of hay in defeat.


But I have to push harder

and stay focused.

We’re all trying

to get by in the same way,

one way or another.


If I could cast a spell

on the entire world,

I wouldn’t cast a spell at all.

I would break have to a spell

because we are all equal.


It’s the spell that we are under

that has us thinking

we are better than or

worse than one another.


We are all born naked.

We all shit ourselves when we die.

What happens in-between

is another step in the karmic ladder

towards nirvana.


So why must we hinder

the path of another

with judgment?

We have been hypnotized

to believe that we

are not the same.


I say it’s time

we break the spell,

fall out of the trance

and wake up to realize

that I am you,

as much as you are me.


Like blood vessels

connected to the same heart,

we beat for the same cause.


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