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Day 10/Poem 10 – NaPoWriMo
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It’s the end of the day and I hadn’t written a thing. I had no idea what to write about and just want to go to bed. So, I wrote about what I just watched on TV….the Chicago Bulls beating the Miami Heat in OT. I don’t even know what to make of this one. I have NEVER attempted a sports poem, so I don’t know if this is any good. Once again, feedback is welcome 🙂


One For The Books


It wasn’t for the championship.

It wasn’t for any title.

It was simply for a win.


To maintain the best record

in the entire league.

And it was a thriller to watch.


A coach not afraid

to bench his star players

when the momentum was not right.

A team of role players

against a parade of all-stars

all but guaranteed a title.


Against the same team

that celebrated their championship

before winning it.

Because apparently they were

never taught not to count

your chickens before they hatch.


I don’t have it in me

to root for the Miami Heat

because I hate it when

a team stacks the deck.

I didn’t root for the

Boston Celtics’ big three.

I can’t root for Miami and

I won’t root for New York.


Sorry, but I just can’t

root for the Justice League

or the Avengers.

Give me real basketball.


Give me teamwork.

Show me player who know their role

and play to it.


It wasn’t for the championship.

It wasn’t for any title.

It was simply for a win.

It was another mark in

a new school rivalry for the books.


Watching the Miami Heat

come up short against

the Chicago Bulls in OT

thanks to some amazing

baskets by the bench,

was a thrill to witness.


Go Bulls.


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