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Day 11 / Poem 11 – NaPoWriMo
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I wanted to start today’s Poem of the Day by implicitly stating that this video inspired this poem out of me. I know I am probably a little late in watching this video, but I finally did. If you haven’t seen it, then watch it before reading. It is amazing and left me feeling very inspired. It reminded me of so many things that I tend to forget sometimes that I felt the need to make an attempt to capture with words.

He’s In There



in that haggard body,

there is a man who was

filled with dreams

that are now fulfilled.



inside of that throat,

within those eyes,

there is a woman

who look by the hand

and never let go.


We lose sight of

who they are sometimes.

We forget that

they were once

where we now stand,

where even our children stand.


The cycle of life is a

continuous, ever-churning wheel.

Every ending brings about

a new beginning and

so on and so forth.

This is how generations are made.


As the years of our lives

peel away like layers of skin,

we are left with a movie

that looks more like

time-lapse photography.

Complete with twitching heads,

manic hands and missing moments

with no way to ever fill in the gaps.


Every moment is a

memory that we cherish.

That makes us who we are.


They pour into us the way

water swells into the potted

home of a tree, engorging the soil

and nourishing the roots

for a time to come.


It helps us soak in the light.

It helps us grow strong

and learn to adapt to survive.


And when enough time has passed,

the soil dries like deserted riverbeds.

The roots are left longing and thirsty

and tomorrow cannot come soon enough.


We are left in our present state,

which does not come close

to showing the glory

of our past lives.


When I look at

an elderly man or woman,

I don’t see who they are right away.


I have to pause

in order to see their hands

taking their son or daughter

for their first walk.

To see their eyes

beholding love for the first time.

To see their minds

experiencing the same things

that I have done,

and my children will too.


All we have in this world

are our memories.

Our crazy experiences

that no one would ever believe.

And our children,

we have them too.


And we can teach them

to slow down and take notice

of the things that don’t

jump out at you.

We can teach them that

inside of that frail body.

Behind those tired eyes

that look like they are itching

to tell you a story.

Underneath that head of

whispy, white hair.

There is a person filled with

amazing stories and enthralling wisdom.


There is an entire universe

of time-lapse photography,

complete with manic hands

and missing moments.

And if you just take a moment,

the universe will speak you.

You will find some truth,

if you listen.


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Nice, very nice. 🙂

Comment by sonofwalt

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