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Day 12 / Poem 12 – NaPoWriMo
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Okay, okay. So I messed up. I missed day 12 and 13. I did not write anything on Saturday OR Sunday. BUT, I am going to do my best to not only write a poem everyday this week. But I am also going to try to get an extra poem written on 2 different days this week so I can play catch up. It’s about 30 poems in 30 days, not 30 poems in 32-34 days.

I don’t know where this one came from. The first line is what spilled out when I say down to write and this wierd semi-erotic, semi-something poem came out about a man who is engrossed in something. Too engrossed to notice something precious slipping out of his fingers because her enjoyed the chase so much that he never anticipating an end in sight. Anyway, here is my day 12 contribution.

The Cat. The Mouse


There is something about

the way he looks at her.

Like he wants to devour her whole.

And she knows that

every movement she makes

drives him closer to approach.

Closer to completion.


She never leads on too much,

she maintains the mystery.

Maintains the unknown,

she is a constant enigma

and he becomes the philosopher

trying to figure her out.


He devotes hour after hour

trying to theorize

what makes her tick

and she waits and waits

while they continue

this game of watchmaker and clock.

Of Bomb-maker and explosion.


Until he becomes

so engrossed in the puzzle.

She becomes

too caught up in treading the line.

He becomes lost

and she becomes found.


While he is the one

that got away,

she is simply the one

that started the flood.

The one that

kick-started the engine and

lit the furnace in his research.

The thirst that was never quenched.


He is far too entrenched

in his devices to realize that

he lost the adoration of a woman.

That he missed out on living

for the thrill of the chase

without a finish line in sight,

without wanting to ever stop running,

in the end.


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