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Day 14 / Poem 14 – NaPoWriMo
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We Are


We are something

we never dreamed of becoming.

We are lips split from

cold winters and braving

the chill of the world.

We are the disenfranchised

and the broken social scene

tethered to the outskirts

of popular media.

We are proud and ashamed

all in the same breath,

because there is

no other way of existing.


We breathe in fire

and regurgitate it

in the form of words.

Of ideas that started out

as seedlings in the

caverns of our hearts.

Ideas that travel the earth

and scales mountains.


We build empires from

shambles of pillaged villages.

We bear the burden of everything

that plagues our day to day

and provides peril for the world.

We wear a badge of honor

for what the Almighty has gifted us with.


We will scream at

the walls that divide

until they crumble.

We will speak

in the place of the voiceless.

We have voices,

so we make choices

by tripping over verses.


We are not afraid

to expose our beating hearts

in the name of

expression and inspiration.

We are dragons flying overhead

in circles, spewing gasoline saliva.


We are verse.

We are prose.

We are not textbooks.

We are poetry.


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