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Day 15 / Poem 15 – NaPoWriMo
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This is yesterday’s poem. I am still going to post one tonight for day 16. I am also still 2 days behind for missing last weekend, and I am going to catch up! Anyway, here is yesterday contribution.



He spoke with a tremor under his ribcage.

His insides rumbled like an earthquake

at the deepest depth of the ocean,

for no one could see the tremble

in his skin. Or on his lips.


He had fought long and hard.

He had fought with

utmost grace and determination.

He had fought and he is

now losing that fight.


The treatment stopped months ago

and he had taken his foot

off of the brake since then.

A man who dies with regret

writes a book with missing pages.

So he filled his book and he lay there,

weak on the outside

and strong on the inside.


Wanting to run a marathon

but only able to raise and lower

his lungs as they inflate

inside of his scrawny chest.


He spoke with a tremor.

He spoke a word meant

only for his wife to hear.

He spoke a word that

was paired with an exhale

that would be his very last

while her hand rest inside of his.

While her eyes locked into his.

While his spirit was readying to

exit his fragile frame,

they shared a finale

of miraculous moments.


And he spoke with a tremor.

His voice sounded like the wind

as it travelled through her entire body.

And then, he was at peace.

And so was she.


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