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Day 17 / Poem 17 – NaPoWriMo
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I remember when it happened

like it was yesterday.


I’d heard rumors

that it happened

in the dead of night.

That they never gave you notice,

for fear of the news

spreading like wildfire.

For fear of breeding jealousy,

of spawning runaway plans.


The guard awoke me at 2am

with a violent, continuous shake

and his finger over his lips


He told me to pack my things.

That I had 15min.

Don’t wake anyone.

I’d spent months with them,

they were my brothers.

They would rise and

I would be gone and

their day would go on

as it had before.


Those walls, those faces

….that place shaped my life for months.

In the shortest of flashes it was to be over.


My box was packed

and I was told to go downstairs.

David was in the car.

We hadn’t been the best of friends,

but we knew each other.


Where are we going? What’s happening?

I don’t know, but we might be going home.


We were in shock.

We sat in the back.

The car shifted into gear,

the wheels started rolling.

We looked out the window

to see the white, concrete building

that bound us together

slipping behind us

as we rotated our heads.


The concrete slowly

gave way to green bushes

as the car picked up speed.

We didn’t speak again

that I can remember.


I stared out the window

amazed at how life happens.

So much, so fast, so big.

Then, without warning

it fades into the memory bank.


I was astonished that everything

about Tranquility Bay

was now in my past.

That my future lay ahead.

And I was passing through

a checkpoint before I could progress.


We drove until we could

slowly watch dawn approach.

We arrived at the airport as light broke.

We wished each other well.

We’d known that the ride

was only transitory and that

he would forever be a part of my life

for becoming that moment.


I turned,

saw my father and brother

standing there, in Jamaica.

My heart filled with mirth

as smiles stretched across their faces

and I knew that I’d just crossed the border

into the beginning of my future.


Raj was there,

I didn’t expect him.

It reminded me

of our childhood all at once,

and all was well.


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