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Day 19 / Poem 19 – NaPoWriMo
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Okay, so this 30 poems in 30 days challenge is really beginning to get difficult in this home stretch. It’s frustrating because I am starting a new poem everyday and these are poems that I would LOVE to take the time to edit and flesh out ideas with, but I can’t (right now). I look forward to when this whole challenge is over, not only so that it’s over….so that I can go through these poems and pick some of them to elaborate on and actually “finish.” Anyway, with that being said, here it my day 19 contribution…a poem that I think I could turn into a 3minute piece. But for now, this is it.

The Blacksmith


Destiny needs work.

We were meant to

achieve certain things,

but not by accident.


It’s not as if

a meteor will fall from space

and land in your yard

with an ideal job

and a perfect life.


We were meant to

go outside of our comfort zone

and break down walls

to find what we perceive

as our destiny.


Nothing in life comes easy

and complacency breeds regret.

So I have chosen to work on my destiny.


To hammer at it

until it finds itself in a shape

that I envisioned it as.

Into a shape that I am happy with.


And because priorities change

and goals get rearranged,

I will keep hammering

until the day that I die.


Making my life into

what I want it to be.

Because I am

my own blacksmith

and I will build

my own suit of armor.


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