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Day 20 / Poem 20 – NaPoWriMo
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This is yesterday’s poem for those following at home. I will posting today’s poem later this evening. I still have to catch up on those 2 days I missed out on a while ago. Whew! We’re in the home stretch now.

Stand With Me


When I feel like I have nothing,

although everything I’d ever dreamed of

is in my throat, I’ll need you

to stand with me.


When I fall down winding trails and jagged cliffs,

I’ll need you to pick me up.

I’ve never had too much pride to admit

when I need a helping hand.

When I need help surviving the cold.


We all get lost in the vast universe,

drifting as light as a feather

without a tether to tie us down

to any one thing.


We all ask questions to the sky,

calling out to the stars

as if they will somehow answer.


That’s where I will be when you need me.

When I have to be, I can be the

stars, moon and clouds for you.

I can be the sun and the mountains

at the same time.


I can be these things for you.

I can be your foundation

and your fortitude

when you cannot find these things.


And other times,

I will need you to be them for me.

And in-between,

we can be perfect pictures of happy people,

uplifting ourselves and each other

at the same time.


But in those fractured moments

when my legs feel broken,

when I cannot stand on my own two feet,

I will need you

to stand with me.

And I, will stand with you.


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