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Mr. High Horse
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Mr. High Horse


If you are a big tree,

I am  a small axe.

Ready to cut you down,

to cut you out.


Mr. High Horse has built himself a castle.

A castle that looks like a fortress.

It has walls that stand 100ft tall.

There are four watch towers

standing like barbicans at the corners.

Because when you look upon its splendor,

he wants you to think of the Taj Mahal.

To be blinded by love

that you will never see that

this castle is meant to make you feel small.


He has many roles within the kingdom.

He is the lonely watchman

dutifully basking in silence. .

He is the priest who grants salvation,

the knight who marches into battle in times of war

and he is the king who sits on a throne made of bones

writing laws in his own blood.


The kingdom exists to protect his good name,

to keep the people breaking their necks to look up at him.

The royal crest reads offend thee not.

For if you do, the king will send his men galloping

on their army of high steads to hunt you down.

When they find you, you will bow and swear allegiance

or stand tall to be cut down and hung on display like a flag. .


If you are a big tree,

I am  a small axe.


But I was born of a different mind.

I was raised for redemption.

See, I was trained from a young age  

to shatter shackles meant for oppression

and to slit throats of would-be warlords.

When I attack, I am never seen

for I have learned to move with the shadows.



I have sacked kingdoms

and left Lords for minions to feast upon.

And yes, I can scale walls as steep as mountains.

So I will climb into the watchtower like the wind

to slice open the men protecting the kingdom

like a hunter disembowels his kill.

I will storm the church to burn the priest

and force my way into the throne room

where I will assassinate the king.

I will put him six feet

beneath everyone else and

bury him with his throne made of bones

of those who dared disagree.


So go ahead and build your fucking fortress

into the tallest tree in the forest,

so you can look down

upon all of us beneath you.

You can build your towers so tall

they block out the sun.

None of this matters.

David slewed Goliath,

Jack climbed the bean stalk  and

my father always taught me

the bigger they are, they hard they fall.


So go ahead and fall like timber .

I was made for this.

I was born with your bloodstains

already on my hands.

As tall as you make yourself,

I will always be there to chop you down.


If you are a big tree,

I am a small axe.

Ready to cut you down,

to cut you out.