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NaPoWriMo – Day 4
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So by the 30/30 standard of NaPoWriMo I’m doing pretty terrible. But my goal from the outset of this thing was just to get writing again. I haven’t written a poem in almost a year, so this was an excrcise in getting the mind moving again. With that being said, I don’t know how much more I’ll accomplish, but I have some more in mind and will try to wrap up some old and unfinished poems in the coming 2wks.


Morning Commute


Each morning we arise

with the world at our backs.

We feed our hungry mouths,

wash our tired bodies and

adorn our weathered skin

with garments to face the day.


Before leaving our humble abodes,

without ever meaning to do so,

we pack all of our baggage with us

for the journey into life.


Our stories are scribed

into our skin and laced in our breath.

Every moment of heartache and triumph.

Our lovers, friends and enemies.

Our acts of betrayal and loyalty.

Our lies and infinite truths.

Every act that elicited an emotion

is hanging over our head

and sitting atop our shoulders.


So we walk, we ride and we drive.

We climb into giant metal boxes with wheels

and travel at speeds beyond our own potential.

We stop and go, we climb and we fall.

We march like little ants in single-file lines

to our places of work and learning.

Raging and smiling along the way

at all that we encounter,

enwrapped in our own little world.


Our lives intersect

and we don’t even realize

that our stories long to be shared.

Our triumph yearns to be experienced

and our history would love to be spoken.


I see lonely eyes at red lights,

hoping for an extended hand of sorts.

But all I have for them is a cracked smile

and my foot on the gas and I’m gone.


Onto the next lonely face.

Forward to silently cross paths

with another whispered tale

of human life and survival.



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