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I’ve been working on woodworking as a craft that I would like to do as a means of work for a few years now. I took it up as a hobby, to be able to make things around the house. There’s a feeling that never goes away when you use a piece of furniture that you made with your own hands. I found that I had a natural passion for it, and I wasn’t that bad either. The most important thing is that I have always been willing to learn.

I can remember buying a desk in a box with my family when I was 13. I remember unboxing all of the pieces and pulling out the instructions. I’m sure my brother can attest to the fact that I loved doing it. I loved getting the pieces together and building something. My father used to have a book shelf that he built himself, the thing was massive and had many levels. I remember the pride in his voice and I would find myself looking at it sometimes, admiring the work and the process.

I have a number of various pieces of furniture around the house that I’ve built and many more that are going to be completed soon. I’ve taken my perfectionism and applied to this/these process/es. I’ve learned a lot over the years and have lots more to learn. But one thing I know for certain is that what I’ve built will last. I recently had a friend with twin girls ask me about building twin dressers for the girls. I took pause and questioned if I was able to, if it was outside of my scope. It was the biggest project I’d ever thought about undertaking and I was letting my insecurities tell me I couldn’t do it. But I’m very happy to say that I got them built from a pile of lumber, sanded, stained and they are in use right now. I’ll be posting pictures of them on my other blog (onpaperdesign.wordpress.com) soon.

The main reason I’m posting this update is because I want to show everyone what I can do and to say….if you want some custom wooden furniture made, then please, contact me. If it’s outside of my scope, I will tell you that. If not, I will put my care and attention and sweat into making a finished product you can be proud to show to your friends and family. A piece of furniture that can take the bumps and bruises of life and be passed on years down the line. I come from a place where I believe in having furniture that will last, that can be passed on and last for a long time. We purchased a dresser from a certain Swedish furniture store, we went with their “higher-end” line. Five years later and the drawers won’t close and it’s rendered nearly useless. That shouldn’t happen. I do everything I can when building my dressers, and any other furniture, to ensure it won’t.