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I’ve come to understand
These actions do not define me

I have faced their consequences
I have looked in the mirror
Felt the aftershocks
Witnessed the after math
Taken part in the healing
Been part of the rebuilding

I have wept profusely
I have apologized with sincerity
But somehow, someway
The swell always rises again

Crashing into shore
Raising the dead
Turning the world upside down
Murky waters and dirty under bellies
The beauty and decay
Floating and drifting
Crashing and twisting
An intimate dance of old and new

When the water recedes
Everything is scattered
Some are broken, some are not
All is covered in water and mud
Grime and sludge
All looks beyond salvation
If we only learn to let go

When we’ve known pain for so long
Hurt can be an old friend
Feel like a warm blanket
We greet it upon return
With open arms and violin hearts

But when we heal
When we truly free ourselves
From it’s grasp and grip
We need not fear

The pain will return at times
But we can look it in the eye
Acknowledge the existence of it
And keep walking

It may be tempting to curl up
To cry with an old friend
But we are only damaging ourselves again
Hampering our progress
Stunting our growth

I am more than my mistakes
I am more than my transgressions
I am worthy of love
Happiness and mirth