a cork board

who i am

i still have a hard time calling myself an artist. for it to come out so freely i feel like i’m being full of myself. but, nonetheless, i must embrace this…

…i am an artist. i work with words, ink, pencil, photos, feelings and graphics. beyond that, i am proud Papa and Husband. some things in this world take being more of a man (or person) than anything…i strive to achieve and attain those things.

i was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to  Puerto Rican mother from the Bronx and a Trinidadian father. my home was broken early on, i moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida when i was 13 years old. there, i met Kavita when i was 16 (who became my amazing other half) and then i moved to Mississauga, Ontario when i was 20 years old. i’m still here…in Mississauga.

i still miss my friends from along the way. so if you find this blog, and we knew each other at some point in time and shared a laugh or a smoke or something…odd are i have probably thought of you when i looked at the moon one day. thank you for the connection friend.

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