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visiting family
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so the weekend was great. I started the year wanting to be more in touch with my family and I love the fact that I have actually been re-connecting with them. I’ve always wanted to make more of an effort to do that, and since Keshav was born I’ve actually been making it happen. I phoned almost all of my brothers this weekend. I mean, we can’t talk to everyone, sometimes we have to talk to their voicemail, but we try, haha. I talked to my brothers in New York, in Boston and in Florida. my nephews and nieces are getting big and all the kids are growing. I can’t wait for Keshav to meet his cousins. he’s the youngest in the family for now, there are bound to be other babies kicking around. but I went and spent time with my Uncle and Cousins and it was awesome. like I said before, family is all we got…so we gotta make the best out of it.