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Begin (A Poem)
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Arise with the sun

Or just before

5am upliftment

Darkness settled in sky

Potential resting on branches

Coasting through the air

Pulsing through arteries


Twist the spine

Roll the hips

Turn face over

Across the pillow

Atop the sheets

Visit resplendence resting


Peacefully tranquil

Quietly dreaming

Eyelids twitching in rapid movement

Neck gently pulsing

Awake next to unparalleled beauty


I admire her

Basking in the dim of dawn

Pale light cascading

From cheek to lip

From eyelid to jawline

Breath giving life

She is a sight to behold


I am blessed

To share these moments

Before the day

Before the busy


She awakes

With a gentle smile

Cheeks swell

Eyelids creek open

Greeting as if it was me

Holding her presence

In her dream state

As if I was always there


A simple good morning

A simple I love you

And we kiss

The birds stop singing

The sun comes up

There is purity in the air


Palms resting upon faces

Breaths in synchronicity

The day is ready to begin

I am uplifted by her presence

She is arisen by mine


We give life

We live love

We are thankful

For another day

Bathed in blessings


Birds sing their songs again

The sheets release me

Sleep welcomes her again

The day begins








A Wedding Fit for 2 Poets
AMpWed, 17 Aug 2011 11:37:01 +000037Wednesday 1, 2010, 11:37 am
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When two people are meant for each other, you just know it. Not because they are exactly the same or because they’re radically different, but because of what they bring out in one another. You get flustered when you meet that person. All of the smooth demeanor goes right out the window because that person just makes you lose your cool. It’s pretty awesome actually.

I still remember when Truth Is… first told me about Beth Anne. She was in awe of this woman and what she was doing to her. She didn’t know exactly what was happening, but it was love in its purest of forms. Truth said to me “I can’t bullshit her man!” and even if she was able to, she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. Beth Anne made Truth look in the mirror and see so many things about herself and let her know in absolutely no uncertain terms that she was loved without condition, but truly, made & deeply (yes, that was a Savage Garden reference!). When I saw them together they looked like extensions of one another, it was completely natural and organic and lovely.

Then Truth told me she was getting married. When you hear that one of your best friend’s is tying the knot , it doesn’t really sink in until the details start unfolding. A few months later Truth gave me the honor of asking me to be in her bridal party. And voila, I was a bridesman 🙂

So this past weekend carloads of poets and people from around the country and the world converged onto Leamington, Ontarios’ Point Pelee National Park to celebrate the joy of marriage. We filled our bellies and our hearts with laughter and love under a tent and surrounded by wilderness. The MC of the night was Greg “Ritallin” Frankson and he was sharp, endearing and witty. There were a lot of speeches, some teary, some funny, some short and some long. When Best Man Made Wade got up to make his speech a lot of us thought he was gonna rap it, but he didn’t. He did close off his love tribute in true hip-hop fashion with a call and response, “when I say ‘Truth and,’ ya’ll say Beth Anne!’”….”Truth and” “BETH ANNE!”, “Truth and” “BETH ANNE!” and it was awesome. Maid of Honor Carla Henderson got up and delivered a very personal and touching homage to her everlasting friendship with Beth Anne while letting Truth know that she had her most sincere of blessings. Denise Collins’ speech kinda floored me. She talked about knowing Truth for 20+ years with tears in her eyes and it was very moving. Tomy Bewick gave us a poem tinged with humor and heart about friendship and love. We heard from Beth Anne’s super-awesome parents about how happy they were. Then we all made our way to the beach for a sunset wedding ceremony.

The ceremony was simple, quiet and elegant. We made our way onto the beach and the sounds of small waves gently washing against the sand was our backdrop. A cool breeze blew and Beth Anne’s folks paced down the aisle arm in arm after the 2 bridal parties criss-crossed into our places. I will never forget the image of Truth Is… and Beth Anne slowly walking down the aisle and over the sand (Truth in her white pants and lavender shirt with white vest and Beth Anne in her simple and stunning white wedding dress) soaking in every lovely moment. Their smiles were like light. There was a massive, light grey storm cloud sitting atop the lake that gave off a light show of flashing lightning during the ceremony. It seemed that Mother Earth was showing her support too. Their vows were inspiring and the love was so thick in the air it was sappy. But a good sappy.

After the vows and informal formalities DJ Who set up shop at the hotel and began spinning some serious tunes. MC Ritallin re-convened his duties on the mic. We all watched their first dance as a married couple, such a nice and beautiful moment. Truth spun Beth Anne, and the few times Beth Anne tried to spin Truth we all laughed. Greg opened up the floor for more speeches and I went gun-shy and totally missed the chance to give my speech. That’s what happens when you want to give a speech after getting inebriated, lol. The reception/after-party was very fun, we danced and partied and toasted and cheered for love, for Truth Is… and Beth Anne. We meandered through the halls of the hotel from one room to the next until the early hours of the morning. We quietly woke up and said our goodbyes and scattered on towards our homes.

Now I’m reeling from an exhilarating weekend full of love and friendship and family. I’ve got this great feeling of trying to relive everything just to grasp onto the unforgettable moments. Somebody asked me what time I went to sleep on Saturday night, and I wish I knew. I thought I went to sleep at about 4:30am, then somebody said they were talking to me at about 6:30am outside, lol. So I don’t even have the faintest of clues. All I know is that 2 friends that are near and dear to me are a portrait of a loving and giving relationship/marriage. The reason they match so well is because they balance each other out. Each individual involved in a union has something to learn from their partner as well as something to teach. In embracing this understanding and embodying its sentiments, a marriage will be blessed with long years, strong legs and a healthy heart, not to mention a level head. So I know that they’ll be okay and I wish 2 of my favorite people a lifetime of admiring each other and basking in one another’s love.