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our weekend, again
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it was another wonderful weekend. I tell you, on Saturday night it actually felt like it should have been Sunday night. the weekend just felt long. and as is becoming a custom, it was all about Keshav.

we went to a brunch on Saturday in Milton with some great friends and Keshav was the life of the party, lol. he was rollin’ around on the wooden floor, laughing with everyone, sitting on sofas and chairs and just making friends the only way he can, lol. he tried some grapes courtesy of his Momma and he loved them. she would squeeze out some grape juice and liquefy the pulp and give him some and he just kept reaching for more and smacking his lips…it was great. then we stopped in by my aunt’s house and saw some cousins and our uncle. by that time Mr. Popularity was tired and edgy, but me managed to be in utter wonderment at everyone there too!

sunday was no different. we went to see our cousins and aunt & uncle’s across town again. we had a barbeque this time and the food was off the chain. and I gotta say, it feels spectacular that he’s actually getting to know them! I think he’s recognizing their faces and smiles and he’s a lot more playful now. it’s such a great pay-off to invest time into family! and another thing happened on sunday too…Keshav’s first tooth came out! it’s just barely peaking out of his little gums, but it’s there. it’s sharp and it’s the lone ranger right now. I’ve heard parents from all over the world say it for years, but that kid is growing so fast. he’ll be crawling and walking all over the place before we know it.

and I gotta say…I never thought I’d be so concerned about bowel movements. it’s such a major topic of concern and conversation now…Keshav’s bowel movements. if he doesn’t have any for a day it’s almost the first thing I ask when I talk to my wife on the phone. now, I won’t get into all of the gooey details but let’s just say he had a much-needed and very good BM yesterday. I think me & Kavita actually high-fived each other, haha. an awesome way to cap off the weekend 🙂