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ladies. ladies. ladies
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Ladies. just because a guy is nice to you, doesn’t mean he wants to sleep with you.

I was raised by a single mother in the good ole southern city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. down there it’s all old time curtsies, square-dancing, door-holding, pleases, thank you’s, yes ma’ams and good days. so I was raised with this southern gentleman-type hospitality. I treat women with courtesy. and because of my awesome Puerto Rican mother, I was taught to treat women as equals.

what I’m getting at is that I treat women with this genuine concern. I smile and I laugh and will always do things like hold the door, let women go first or offer to help with things. it’s not because I don’t think women are capable…it’s out of respect for everything that women give the world. because let’s face it, without women…what would the world be like? there’s a nurturing nature that most men do not have; the men that do have it have learned it from their mothers most likely.

Ladies. if I’m being nice…I’m being nice. please accept this as respect and concern and not come-ons.

now, time and time again my niceties are misconstrued as advances. what can I say? when I see a woman not smiling, I tend to try to make her smile. it’s completely innocent. my wife has told me countless times that not everyone will accept my pleasantries as innocent. some can and usually do take it as a come-on. what often happens is I get these snotty attitudes or I get this really awkward vibe, either way it’s because they think I want to get into their pants. which I don’t.

I want to say that there are quite a few exceptions to this rule. I have a lot of female friends who are just cool like that, they get it. and we have an even exchange of respect and hat-tipping and door-holding. but a lot of the time, I get this self-centered, pig-headed reaction. I can only assume that she is full of herself if she automatically thinks that me (a very happily married man and new father) is trying to swap sweat and fluids with her.

Ladies. I respect you as life-givers, nurturers and keepers of humanity. in essence, I hold you in the highest of regards. so I re-iterate, I’m not hitting on you if I’m being very nice …I’m treating the way you should be. as a Woman.